Structural Bearings

Series "D" Slide Bearings

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The Series “D” Structural Slide Bearings are a variation of the GRANOR® Series “B” Type.


Series “DBA” Slide bearing- Utilizes a GRAFAB® / GRAFLON® PTFE / Stainless Steel sliding interface for a simple, economical cast in-situ point load bearing. Sometimes used in conjunction with GRANOR® Slipjoint.

DBA Structural Slide Bearings can also be customised for use as shear key lateral restraint pads for bridges. They offer advantages in terms of compact sizing, low friction and high load / movement capacities.

Series “DBAP” Slide bearing – The addition of a top Mild Steel Galvanized plate, complete with either grout bolts for in-situ pour, or studs for bolting, provides versatility of installation options.



Structural Bearings

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