Structural Bearings

Pot Type Structural Bearings


Granor’s Pot Type Structural Bearings are available in three standard configurations.

  • POTSTAY® – Fixed Type – Provides rotational capacity only.
  • POTFLOAT® – Free Float Type – Provides both rotational capacity as well as multi directional sliding.
  • POTGLIDE® – Guided / Sliding Type – Provides rotational capacity, free sliding in one direction only, and is laterally restrained.


Compact – Low overall height.
Compact – Small footprint for significant vertical loads.
Small shift in centre of pressure due to rotation.
Low translational resistance.
Can accommodate lateral loading at same time as translation.
Specials – To accommodate up lift loadings.


Australian Code AS.5100.4 requires that Structural Bearings can be easily removed if such becomes necessary. Traditionally, such is achieved by the use of a top and bottom attachment (distribution) plate cast into the structure, to which the bearing is bolted. This permits the bearing to be “slid” out.

Please note the datasheet is for initial guidance only and final design dimensions may vary.

Please contact Granor for assistance when specifying this product.