Expansion Joints – Large Movements

Aluminium Saw-Tooth Joints - Series "EJ"

The Granor ETIC® EJ series “Saw Tooth” Finger joints are robust watertight Bridge deck expansion joints that accommodate larger movements up to 300mm total capacity.

These joints should be adopted where the structure gap will open beyond 85mm ULS, in which case the use of a ‘stripseal’ type single seal element joint will transgress the maximum 85mm open gap criterion nominated in AS5100.4

The EJ series joints are available in two differing movement series.

The EJ-80, EJ-110 and EJ-160 model joints utilise a single concertina central sealing gland and synonymous with the part number nomenclature are capable of 80mm, 110mm and 160mm of total movement respectively.

The second series of EJ joints, the EJ-200, EJ-250 and EJ-300, utilise an elastomeric trough seal and accommodate total movements of 200mm, 250mm and 300mm respectively.



Expansion Joints – Large Movements

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