Elastomeric Bearings are designed for use in bridge and building construction – providing point load substructure support with multi directional movement and rotation capacity.


Meeting engineering needs

Applying over 40 years of specialist experience, Granor® manufactures Elastomeric Bearings that provide high vertical load capacity, translational movement in any horizontal direction together with rotational capacity, and minimises affects of seating distortions or span deformations.


Innovative design and state of the art materials ensure Granor® Elastomeric Bearings are highly cost effective. Compared to other types of bearings, they are easy to install, have a long life expectancy – 100 years plus – and are maintenance free.

Design, manufacture and National Association of Testing Authorities certified testing of Granor® Elastomeric Bearings is in accordance with recognised Australian and international standards. Granor® manufactures in accordance with Australian Standard AS.5100.4 from natural rubber.

Granor® has successfully responded to virtually every type of elastomeric bearing challenge.

The result is a comprehensive catalogue of Elastomeric Bearings covering:

Recent Project

  • Melbourne

    Elastomeric Bearings supplied for the bridge upgrade on the Chandlery Highway project.