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Heavy Duty SlipJoint - Series "HDSJ"

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Granor® Heavy Duty Slipjoint – Series “HDSJ” is used for heavy line load applications requiring high rotation and/or high movement capacity.

Typical applications have been on container wharves at the junction of the wharf with the slab on ground, and on dam structures supporting large monolithic slabs.

Technical Data

The standard range covers line loads from 600kN/m to 2500kN/m, and movement ranges up to +/-100mm, all for a standard 0.01 radians rotation capacity.

Heavy Duty Slipjoint can also be designed and manufactured to specific performance requirements to suit your project. Any load or movement range can be achieved, with max rotation capacity currently at 0.025 radians.

For confirmation on sizing of customised HDSJ, please contact Granor with the following information:

Load (kN/m)
Movement required (+/- mm)
Rotation required (radians), and;
Corbel / seating width preferred (mm).


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