Expansion Joints – Small Movements

Ausflex Series – "P2 Stripseal"


The Granor® Series “P2” Stripseal Expansion Joint is designed for light duty applications typically in walkways and pedestrian bridges. The Granor® “P2” system can be used in conjunction with separately placed aluminium cover plates secured over the “P2” joint in combination with Type “D” or Type “F” stripseal elastomeric glands. Alternatively if cover plates are not preferred, then the “SEC” Type Sealing Gland offers an alternative flush seal.

The Series “P2” Expansion Joints side seal retaining aluminium elements can either be cast-in to the concrete pour, or bolted into
place using countersunk head flush fitting fixings. The Series “P2” system is adaptable to numerous applications other than for pedestrian trafficked locations, anywhere that a sealed joint is required in a steel or concrete interfaced location. The various range of central elastomeric seals enables coverage for movements up to 125mm.



Expansion Joints – Small Movements

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