Expansion Joints – Small Movements

WABO Safetyflex

The system is ideal for pedestrian walkways and slow speed vehicular traffic areas such as multilevel car parks. The design of the system reduces potential tripping hazards by providing a smooth, slip resistant transition over expansion joint openings. Independent metal plates integral to the rubber cover allows the system to flex in response to changes in vertical displacement between opposing slabs. In addition, the use of metal plates provides load carrying capability across the joint opening and can be used in low-speed vehicular traffic areas. The rubber cover is available in either black or grey colours. The rubber also reduces the sound caused by vehicular traffic as they travel across the expansion joint opening.


Pedestrian / cyclist shared use structures
Multilevel car parks
Airport ramps and luggage friendly car parks
Bridge walkways
Stadium concourse areas
Convention centres

Waterproofing Seal Options

A number of waterproofing seal options can be used in combination with Wabo Safetyflex. It is important to select the appropriate seal option based on the design movement range required for the structure. Available options include:



Expansion Joints – Small Movements

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