Structural Bearings

Series "BGSU" - Up Lift Restraint

Granor BGSU Uplift Slide Bearings

Granor BGSU slide bearings are designed to allow movement in one direction, they can also resist uplift forces (not concurrent to movement or rotation). These sliding bearings are designed to be maintenance free and extremely durable. They are used extensively to support mining conveyor systems and other mining infrastructure.

The bearings are custom designed for each application; to withstand any given load and movement capacity. They comprise a galvanised steel bottom plate supporting a Graflon sliding pad. The pad slides on a highly polished Stainless steel surface backed with a galvanised steel top plate. Anti-Uplift bars are fastened to the top plate and restrain the bottom plate. Insulated BGSU’s can also be designed for operation in “hot” environments such as smelters. Standard “off the shelf” designs with load capacities from 100 to 600KN are available with +/-40mm movement capacity. A 100kN bearing is thus called up as: BGSU-100-0/40. (See table below) The bearings can be designed for whatever your load requirements.

Project specific BGSU bearings are possible, and in the past have been design to load capacities up to 2000kN and movement ranges up to +/- 1200mm.


  • Light and thin design, easy to handle and install manually.
  • Anchoring can be custom designed to fit structure’s bolt centres.
  • Corrosion resistant and Jam-free.
    • Minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Extremely durable even in harsh environments.
  • Provides sliding movement while supporting or holding down the structure.



Structural Bearings

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