Granor’s advanced design capability has been applied to an extensive range of Structural Bearings, from high load capacity Pot Type Bearings to small compact Series “B” Bearings.

Proprietary Structural Bearing solutions

Pot Type

Primarily of metal construction, the critical element of Granor® Pot Type Structural Bearings is the elastomeric pad, which is designed to structurally accommodate movement. Granor® manufactures a range of the widely used Pot Type Structural Bearings, with each design customised to specific application requirements.

Granor® Pot Type Structural Bearings feature a circular elastomeric pad encapsulated inside a metal “pot” having a close fitting lid, which acts as a “piston”. The purpose selected sealing systems of the elastomeric pad, are designed to resist extrusion of the elastomeric pad when under load.

In this mode, the elastomeric pad acts more like a fluid than a solid and accepts high stress – typically 50 MPa Ultimate Limit State – while permitting multidirectional rotation of the supported structure.

Designed, tested and manufactured in Australia

Granor® manufactures locally in Australia to the Australian bridge design code AS 5100:2017. Other international code compliance design are also available. Full scale testing capabilities are up to 80,000 kN vertical with a simultaneous horizontal load of 7,500 kN to confirm design integrity.

The Granor® Pot Bearing range includes three standard Types:

POTSTAY®– Fixed type

POTFLOAT®– Free float, multi directional, slide movement

POTGLIDE® – Guided type with slide movement restricted to one direction

Advanced designs for many of these bearings are available to suit complex applications, such as designs permitting incremental launching of the superstructure, or the incorporation of an Anti-Up Lift tension capacity.